The Major Challenges for Organizations in Todays Changing World

The organizations are confronted with several challenges today, but among all, the following three challenges are quite significant and relevant to be highlighted here.

  1. The global economy is hit hard by the pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), and the organizations across the world are struggling to survive the ongoing economic crisis by taking urgent measures; such as, cutting their costs through adopting the ‘lean approach, redefining their value propositions and business models, and finding innovative ways to differentiate themselves from rest of the crowd to sustain their presence and grow fast.
  2. The organizations are experiencing an unprecedented scale of continuous changes within their internal and external environments. It is increasingly becoming a daunting task for them to correctly understand and effectively respond to the changing trends in various domains to stay relevant and competitive in their respective businesses. The organizations are required to effectively learn about and adopt the evolving customer-needs and demographics, shifting balance of power and stakeholders’ expectations, increasing market competition and new technological developments, varying socio-economic and political contexts, and the changing environmental and regulatory conditions.
  3. The organizations increasingly realize the critical importance of learning and practicing innovation for their survival and growth in their respective markets; however, they often do not have a clear idea where to start from and how to successfully embark on this rewarding journey to produce the desired results and promised impacts.

How We Can Help Your Organization to Cope with These Challenges:

Innoplore offers a turnkey solution that effectively measures and builds the innovation management system and innovative capabilities of organizations to substantially improve their relative performance and competitiveness. Our turnkey and customized innovative solutions will produce the following results and impacts for your organization to help you cope with the above-mentioned challenges.

  • Our systematic and comprehensive innovation ‘health check’ through employing an interactive online self-assessment survey followed by an innovation audit will precisely identify the areas where the desired improvements are required to effectively build the innovation capabilities and readiness in your organization.
  • Our interactive online innovation platform will build an effective ‘idea management system’ and strengthen the required ‘innovation ecosystem’ to support and facilitate the transformation of abstract ideas of your employees into real-life solutions smoothly and systematically.
  • Our bespoke innovation training and consulting solutions are tailor-made to effectively address the identified gaps, and it will help your organization to successfully implement the suggested innovation roadmap and recommended activities; so that to ensure the achievement of the desired results and impacts for your organization.

Why We Do It:

Learning and excelling in innovation is not just a matter of choice for the organizations, but it is an imperative for their survival and growth in the 21st century; hence, the organizations are basically left with only two options.

Option 1: Ignore the current ‘wakeup call’ for learning and adopting the innovative practices; but in result, then stay ready to become irrelevant and gradually perished in today’s innovation-led highly competitive economy.

Option 2: Effectively learn and adopt the best practices in managing innovation, build the required innovative capabilities, develop an efficient idea management system, strengthen the innovation support ecosystem; so that to shine, grow fast, and beat the competition.

Therefore, if you decide to choose the option 1, then this website and our innovative solutions are probably not for you. But if you choose the option 2 to survive, grow and thrive in a change- driven and innovation-led global economy, then you are at the very right place and we are happy to help you out in this exciting and rewarding journey.

How We Do It:

Our offered solutions are aligned with the ISO-56002 innovation guidelines, and we effectively address the key innovation requirements as outlined by ISO to develop the Innovation Management System (IMS) in organizations.

Our solutions also support the strategic goals set by the governments at the country level to improve their innovation and competitiveness ranking in the Global Innovation Index (GII) and Global Competitiveness Report. The Innoplore solutions follow three critical phases of ‘Diagnosis’, ‘Reinforcement’, and ‘Implementation’. These three phases systematically perform the innovation health check of an organization, and effectively provide the necessary guidance and support about how to build the desired innovation capabilities in an organization, and how to strengthen its idea management system, and innovation ecosystem.

Who We Are:

Innoplore Ltd. is a Sweden-based management consultancy firm, which has its head-office located in Sweden (Malmö). It is incorporated with the Companies House (Edinburgh) under the Company registration number SC617845.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals, researchers, trainers, and practitioners who bring a blended view of their innovation insights in an impactful and deliverable form to produce a documented and substantial improvement in the organizational performance.

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